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Experienced / Creative / Home Stagers - With a Background in Interior Decorating & Design and A Real Passion For The Arts of Beauty



Home Staging+ offers staging / decorating services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA and the surrounding cities since 2004. 

Home Staging+ is a sub-division of Delightful Interior Décor – An Interior Design & Decorating Firm owned/operated and closely supervised by “Ms. D.”  

Ms’ D's exposure to design excellence from around the globe helps her to bring fresh ideas to her projects that range from contemporary to traditional, with a background that includes influences from locales such as Japan, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and throughout North America.

As a true pioneer in the home staging industry with a vast experience in the interior design and decorating sector, Ms. D, brings an eclectic palette of knowledge and design experience to each project, while drawing upon each client’s personal interests and requirements. Ms. D treats each project with care and attention to every detail. 

Whether it is to assist home builders with floor planning and layouts or selecting best finishes for their project, to enhance a living environment with a new colour palette, to improve the functional use of a space, to bring balance and harmony to the design of a room or simply staging a home for that most wanted price, Ms. D has an inherent strength in understanding and identifying interior design issues, developing creative, yet cost effective solutions, and bringing the vision from concept to realty.


Home Staging+ and Delightful Interior Decor can help you to bring new magic to your living or working world. 


Why not get the asking price you really want? And why drop thousands of dollars off the asking price when the cost of staging a home is ALWAYS LESS EXPENSIVE than the first price reduction.


Home Staging + can help you to maximize your ability to sell your house faster and for more money.

Today, more and more homeowners are realizing that the key to selling a house in a timely fashion, and for the price they want, is to help the potential buyer envision themselves living in the home. House Staging enables you to cost effectively, yet professionally transform your house into a more marketable property. The process includes “de-cluttering” the interior and exterior of the house, adjusting the placement of furniture, and in some cases adding and subtracting furniture elements so that the buyer can better visualize themselves in the new the home. Including touch-ups of walls, window treatments and floor coverings that enhance the home's appeal.

Our staging services will give you that extra edge in today’s buyer’s market, and set you apart from the other homes in the area. As a home owner with an emotional tie to your home, you may see the memories and emotional value, but the potential buyer will not. We can add excitement and create emotional appeal to a home, and create a vision of how they will create their own memories and stories once they are in the home.

  1. Let us help you by adding our designer’s touch that will make your house shine and sell for the price you want.

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